Welcome to Ciamar, Comercio Internacional de Alimentos del Mar, S.A.

From the Spanish Central Markets of fish distribution in Madrid – Mercamadrid, Valencia – Mercavalencia and Galicia, we offer a wide variety of fresh and frozen fish.

Our direct and constant supply from the most important fishing grounds in the world, allows us to offer the best quality in fresh salmon of Norway, shrimp and clams from Italy, sole of Holland, bass from Greece,… swordfish, cod, whiting, mussels, tuna, hake, monkfish,…. See Product line

Our excellent relationship with our suppliers, in obtaining maximum quality, consistency and regular supply is our goal to meet our clients satisfaction. See Commitments

Ciamar, wish to offer you these pages and invites its clients and suppliers to use them as a vehicle to extend our relationship and contacts. See Contact us

From Mercamadrid in Madrid, Mercavalencia in Valencia and Galicia, we offer our service, our products and look forward to receiving your requests, suggestions…